UTSC’s Official Finance Club

Investment Society


Our Flagship Event

University of Toronto Finance Competition

Investment Society’s Flagship event, coming up in November, is the largest and most competitive finance case competition you’ll ever undertake. 100’s of students across Ontario’s finest universities join together for a day of competition coupled with a networking conference to prepare you for your career in finance.

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Words from Our 2019-2020 president

Kajan Thanablanchandran

During my first two years with Investment Society, I've had the opportunity to meet many talented students in the Management program. Many of these students were passionate about finance and working tirelessly towards a career in finance, while others students had an interest in finance, but had no idea where to begin.

My vision for Investment Society is to provide students with the opportunity to enhance their learning through case competitions and workshops. We also want to provide students with networking opportunities that will grow their passion for finance. Along with running our existing events, we will be launching new events to provide a stronger platform for students to learn and grow. I look forward to seeing everyone at our events!




University of Toronto Scarborough

Less than an hour away from the heart of Downtown Toronto, our campus has it all. Nestled in the lush environment of Highland Creek is an institution offering the education of the best university in Canada on a close knit campus. We boast everything from an advanced finance trading lab (The BRIDGE) to a serene trail that leads into the playing fields of the Valley.

Our goal is to make sure when you hear PE, you think Private Equity not Physical Education
— Kajan Thana